Our Mission: To provide a high quality education for all students.


No changes planned for the 2015-2016 start date of school for Polk County Public Schools.

Student Orientation is August 20, 2015 and the first day of school will remain August 24, 2015.

Kindergarten Round-Up

Polk County Public Schools' annual Kindergarten Registration Round-Up begins on April 6, and extends to May 8, 2015. During this time we encourage parents to spring into action, and register their child for the upcoming school year!

Governor Scott signs executive order to reduce testing in Florida

To view Executive Order 15-31 click here .

To view the Governor’s call to reduce testing in Florida schools, click here .

New Statewide Assessments

As many Floridians are aware, our state has been in a period of transition as we have made important decisions to improve our education system and raise the bar for our schools, educators and students. See an overview of the direction we are moving in statewide assessments .