• February 16, from 8am to 10am. We’ll meet at the blueberry patch on the southeast end of the District Office campus at 8am. Goals for the work day will be incorporating compost, weeding, mulching, watering, and building the raised bed for the veggies. Depending on how many volunteers we get, we will plan a follow up work day too. We also plan a demonstration at 10am on using recycled 2 litter bottles for a vertical home garden.

Community garden here at the PCSB District Office

Ever wanted to start a garden, but didn't feel that you had the knowledge or resources to be successful?

We might have a solution for you!

Beach SunflowersWe are surveying employees to determine interest in a potential community garden here at the Polk County School Board District Office. We see this garden as having the potential to improve employee health in ways such as: increasing access to fresh, healthy fruits & vegetables, increasing access to fresh air and sunshine, and reducing stress through the act of gardening. We also foresee the garden fostering an atmosphere that values teamwork, where we take pride in our accomplishments. In addition to the benefits to employee health, we also see this gardening project as a good example for both adults (employees, parents, etc.) and the children we serve in Polk County. We hope that we will cultivate involvement and partnerships from the community, as well. Bottom line: let's utilize all of our many talents in a way that will benefit all!

Green Garden LogoIf you work at the District Office and did not receive an invitation regarding this survey, but you would like to participate, please send an email to Brenda Taguri or Walter Draffin.


Donations Request Letter

Click here to view the Donation Request letter.

How to give!

Monetary donations to the Green Garden can be made through the Polk Education Foundation. Click here to contact the PEF to give!

We also need the following items:

  • Useable, bright colors of Latex exterior paint for our rain barrels. Please contact Katie Molin with for your paint donation. (note, the landfill takes paint that is beyond use)
  • Rain Barrels


Growing in a double bucket system

Double Bucket SystemIs it possible two cheap plastic buckets can help reduce global malnutrition?

Sounds crazy, but there's some amazing technology that can be created by combining two cheap 5-gallon buckets along with some other low cost or free materials. The result is a low cost foolproof system of growing food. Visit for more inforamtion

Student Volunteers

The District Office would like to provide an opportunity for students in middle and high school to earn community service hours and create mentoring relationships that will continue over many years. We are planning a Community Garden at the District Office. In addition to planting, watering, and harvesting, students would also be able to learn how to make simple eco-friendly container gardens and could help with artwork to adorn the containers. One theme we would like to carry out in the garden is Polk County History, so students would also incorporate history, research, and ecology skills with this program. We believe this all can be accomplished at no cost to the School District and still yield numerous benefits to all- students, parents, staff, and neighbors.

More information about how students can help and obtain community services hours will be coming soon.


Watering Schedule Coming Soon.