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Community Use of School Facilities

If you are interested in renting one of our district facilities, please submit the form below to begin the process. The purpose of this form is to enable the public to use district facilities such as cafeterias, gyms, auditoriums, etc. Certain insurance requirements apply


Before you complete the form, you'll need to gather several documents to send along with the request form.


  • Certificate of Liability Insurance (1m per incident 2m aggregate)
  • Copy of contract signed by authorized representative of the company/organization and an authorized representative of the School Board of Polk County. (Must include General Liability Insurance requirement.)
  • Check made payable to The School Board of Polk County. Upon receipt of invoice.
  • Tax Exemption Certificate (if applicable).
  • Copy of program/presentation or detailed description of use.
  • Description of all equipment that will be brought on campus.


  • Certificate of Liability Insurance (1m per incident 2m aggregate).
  • PCSB must be listed as a Certificate Holder.
  • The description on the certificate must include the certificate holder, PCSB as additional insured.
  • Copy of the Endorsement is required, it must say Certificate Holder is an Additional Insured.

Additional Insurance Information