Polk County School Board Television

Q: My child was featured in a program that aired on PCSBtv. Can I get a copy of the performance? Where can I go to get information about when this show may be aired again so all of my family members can watch?

A: A program schedule will air everyday on the channel to tell viewers what is coming on later in the day/night. In addition, a copy of the entire schedule is available on the PCSBtv webpage at http://www.polk-fl.net/community/pcsbtv/weeklyschedule.htm and on the TV guide channel of your local cable system. Having this advance schedule available will allow viewers planning time to tape various shows. At this point, PCSBtv does not have the resources to fulfill requests for copies of shows. It may be that in the future, these types of requests can be fulfilled.

Q: I would like to have my school's video program shown on the channel. How do I get my program on the air?

A: Please work though your school’s principal to complete and submit a Broadcast request form. Request forms are available on our website and in Outlook public folders. PCSBtv will make a determination to air the program based on the appropriateness of the content and adherence to PCSBtv guidelines.

Q: I am a vendor for Polk County Schools and my company is running a sale on computer equipment for students and teachers. Because this can benefit your staff, will you advertise our sale for us on PCSBtv?

A: No, PCSBtv is for official School Board business and information. While we appreciate your willingness to extend an educational discount to our employees and students, our operating policies and procedures do not allow us to advertise your product or service on PCSBtv.

Q: I want to use that new song by the Village Boys group in a video. Can I use their song on my video and have it played on PCSBtv?

A: PCSBtv policies and procedures prohibit the use of copyrighted material without expressed written permission (to broadcast) by the copyright holder(s). Information about obtaining permission is available on our website. It is the responsibility of the school/department submitting a program for broadcast, to ensure that all copyright guidelines are followed. Contact the PCSBtv office for more information about acceptable music and materials for your program.

Q: I have a VHS copy of a program I made 3 years ago that I would like to air on PCSBtv; can I submit my tape and have it played on the channel?

A: PCSBtv has strict content and technical guidelines for tapes and programs that air on the channel. Programs are required to be submitted on DV, DVCAM, DVD-R or SVHS formats. VHS is not an acceptable format to air on the PCSBtv channel.

Q: I need to have my event promoted on the Community Calendar bulletin board. The event is tomorrow. Can I still get it on?

A: Signed and properly completed request forms must be submitted at least 5 working days in advance. The bulletin board gets updated as needed to insure that new information is added and older information is deleted, the updated information is then available for replay the following day. If your information is sent in the day before your event, we cannot insure it will be included in the updated bulletin board to be telecast.

Q: I run a karate school that teaches kids educational values of self-discipline and commitment to excellence. I have a promotional videotape that I would like aired on this channel.

A: PCSBtv is not a public access channel and is intended for the distribution of official news and information concerning the Polk County School Board.

Q: My child’s name, image and school were broadcast to the public on your channel. I did not authorize this and am worried about my child’s security.

A: At the beginning of the school year, parents are required to sign a form included in the Polk County Schools Code of Conduct that permits your child’s image to be used on the PCSBtv channel. The form is included in the packet that is sent home to parents with other materials. All schools are required to ensure that signed image consent forms are on file for each and every child that appears in a program that is submitted to air on PCSBtv.

Q: When can I see the School Board Meeting? Are the meetings aired on the channel?

A: School Board Meetings are re-broadcast at 8pm on the day after the meeting and again several times during the week. Check the schedule listing on our website: www.polk-fl.net/PCSBtv or check the TV guide channel of your local cable system.

Q: I have a brand new satellite system in my home. Why can't I pick up the PCSBtv channel?

A: PCSBtv is only available to cable TV subscribers in Polk County. The PCSBtv channel is located on Bright House Networks channel 642, Comcast Cable channel 7, and Verizon FiOS channel 45.

Q: How can I voice my comments or questions concerning PCSBtv?

A: You can use the viewer comments section of our webpage to submit your comments and suggestions.