Polk County School Board Television

Community Calendar Request Form

Community Calendar submissions are intended to inform the general public about officially sponsored and sanctioned activities, information and events of interest in Polk County Public Schools. All requests must be submitted no later than five (5) working days and no earlier than twenty (20) working days prior to the desired airdate. PCSBTV will attempt to fulfill all requests for service that meet the required guidelines.

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Broadcast Request

All programs submitted for broadcast will be evaluated for content, technical standards compliance, adherence to guidelines and appropriateness of message and audience. Programs submitted from schools and departments must be approved by the School Principal/Department Director before being considered for broadcast. Upon approval the program will be scheduled and prioritized for air at the earliest and best time available. All programs must be accompanied by a completed request form. Submission of a request does not guarantee that a program will be broadcast.

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Production Request

PCSBtv offers a variety of production services to help get your event or program broadcast to our viewing audience in Polk County.

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