The Maintenance Department plans, directs and supervises all school maintenance and maintenance projects. As well as assuring that all schools and district facilities are properly maintained, this department is responsible for all portables. The Maintenance Department strives to provide proper completion of all work orders, according to their priority.

After Hours Emergency Number: 647-6445

Staff List

Area Code: 863

Name: Title: Phone: Fax:
Gerald Peavy Senior Maintenance Coordinator 534-0615 519-4776
Rory Luce Manager 534-7895 519-4776
Harold Hamby Maintenance Planner 534-7887 519-4776
Missy McMillan Maintenance Accounting Technician 534-0610 519-4776
Ryann Sardinas Preventative Maintenance Recording Specialist 519-3671 519-4776
Denise Walker Maintenance Dispatcher 534-0608 519-4776
Dawn Creech Maintenance Dispatcher 534-0608 519-4776
Robert Blackburn Service Specialist C1-Shop 534-0870 534-0872
Sonny Boyette Service Specialist L6-Shop 648-3582 648-3584
James Cobb Service Specialist County Wide Air Conditioning (CWAC) 614-9026 614-9027
David Connell Service Specialist L4-Shop 413-2028 413-2030
Dwight Marsh Service Specialist M1-Shop 534-0850 534-0852
Tim Smith Service Specialist WH5-Shop 965-6290 965-6291
Keith Waterfield Service Specialist LW9-Shop 678-4272 678-4273
Richard Caraway Portables - County Wide 534-0613 519-3707