Finding Schools in Your Area

  • GeoZone

    A visual map application that allows you to interactively find a school zone by searching addresses, locating schools, and many other options. This application requires Microsoft Silverlight and may prompt you to install the latest version.

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  • ZoneFinder

    An application that allows users to search for school zones by entering the address and reviewing the results that are displayed in a text format. ZoneFinder is recommended for users with a dial-up or slower connection.

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  • StreetFinder

    A small application used to locate a street based on entered information. This application will return the street name in the correct format for use with Genesis. If a result is not returned please notify us by email at

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If you have any further questions, please contact Pupil Accounting at 863-519-7600 Ext 458.

Citrus Ridge Academy Boundary Change

Due to the capacity at Citrus Ridge Academy (K-8), there will be a boundary change for certain students beginning in the 2018-2019 school year. If you live within the new boundary and your student(s) are currently in grades K-4, they will attend Loughman Oaks Elementary next school year beginning in August.

View the new zone map to determine if your address is within the new boundary

If you have specific questions, please call either Loughman Oaks Elementary at 863-421-4001, Citrus Ridge Academy at 863-259-4001 or the District Office at 863-534-0521.