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Salary Information

Salary Schedules for Union Personnel

Visit the Employee Relations webpage to see each of the collectively bargained Agreements.

American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees (AFSCME)

Bus Driver and Bus Attendant

Custodial, Maintenance and Vehicle Services Personnel

School Nutrition Assistant

Polk Education Association, Inc.



Educational Support (Clerical) Personnel

Salary Schedules for
Non-Union Personnel

Non-Union/Professional Technical and District Office Administrators

School Based Administrators

School Nutrition Managers and Specialists

Hiring Procedures

Reappointment Information

The Reappointment page offers information and forms for schools and departments to access throughout the annual Reappointment process. View the Reappointment page.

Leave Request Form

Employee Application for Leave Revised February 2018

Job Descriptions

Search or browse the catalog of job descriptions. This is not a list of open positions or current employment opportunities. This is simply a catalog of all job descriptions that have been approved by the School Board of Polk County, Florida. If you are interested in current job opportunities, please click here to visit the District's Employment Opportunities.