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Welcome to Polk County Schools Employee Wellness

CSHThe PCSB Employee Wellness Program is a Team of health professionals who are dedicated to improving employee health and well being while reducing risk factors associated with leading causes of death and disability. Healthy lifestyles are promoted through educational programs that identify health risks and encourage lifelong wellness of mind and body.

The Wellness Team is the Work-Site Employee Health Promotion prong of the Coordinated School Health (CSH) model pictured above. This model was developed by The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, is endorsed by The Florida Departments of Health and Education, and is the platform from which a "Wellness Culture" is promoted throughout Polk County Schools. "It takes a village to raise a child," and the Wellness Team is part of that village.

Awards and Recognitions

Silver Award AHA Fit Friendly Gold Community Innovationdhpegold AHA platinum 2013 fit friend NWI Member platinum 2014


2014 American Heart Asssociation Platinum Fit-Friendly Worksite

National Wellness Institute Member

2014 Florida State Surgeon General Recognition of Excellence in Worksite Wellness, Award

2013 American Heart Asssociation Platinum Fit-Friendly Worksite

2013 American Heart Association Community Innovation Award

2013 Directors of Health Promotion and Education Gold Award

  • One of three school districts recognized nationwide for excellence in planning and implementing school employee wellness programs that promote employee health and lead to improved productivity and lower health care costs - recipient of $1,000 grant, Details

2012 American Heart Association Gold Fit-Friendly Worksite Award

2012 American Heart Association Community Innovation Award

2012 Florida Healthy School District Silver Award

2009 Directors of Health Promotion and Education Gold Award

  • One of three districts nationwide to receive the GOLD $1,000 award

2009 Florida Healthy School District

  • Coordinated School Health
  • One of six districts in Florida to receive the SILVER award
  • Polk’s School Nutrition & Wellness received highest recognition in Florida

2008 CDC/DOH Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention 5-Year Grant

2005 NCQA Leadership Series: Focus on Diabetes publication

2005 NCQA Quality Initiative:  ABCs of Diabetes

2004 Florida Health Care Coalition:  Corporate Leadership Award:  ABCs of Diabetes

Nominated by FDOH & FDOE

  • 2006 State Stroke Prevention Program
  • 2006 Secretary's Innovation in Prevention Award


Wellness Staff


From left to right:

3215 Winter Lake Road • Lakeland, FL 33803 • Phone (863) 648-3057 Fax (863) 668-3017

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