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The Teacher to Teacher/School to School Connection seeks out teachers that have developed and successfully used innovative teaching practices in their classrooms. As part of a layered network designed to improve student achievement, these teachers called “Developers” work with the Foundation over the course of a school year to first help produce the Idea Catalog of Excellence in which their program is highlighted. Then, in the fall new Developers join with Developer alumni to present their innovative programs at the Idea Expo.

All PreK-8 teachers from Polk and Hardee Counties are invited to attend the Teacher to Teacher Connection Idea Expo to network with both present and past Developers, learning more about their innovative instructional practices. Teacher to Teacher Developer Grants are worth $600 ($400 for classroom materials and $200 as a stipend for additional hours spent on development and publishing). In 2005 the School to School Program was added which allows teachers to develop a grant that focuses on a school-wide initiative. If selected, the grant is worth $1,000 ($800 for classroom materials and $200 as a stipend for additional hours spent on development and publishing).

The Teacher to Teacher/School to School Connection does not end there. The Foundation then provides the opportunity for teachers who attended* the current year's IDEA Expo to apply for an Adapter grant in effort to replicate a program in their own classrooms or schools. Potential Adapters may apply for up to $400 (Classroom) or $800 (School) to purchase classroom materials they need to implement a specific Developer’s program.

Through the years, the T2T/S2S alumni have inspired success in the classroom and impacted numerous students.

Letter from a Developer:

"I am an elementary music teacher at Bethune Academy in Haines City, FL, and was the recipient of the School to School Connection grant this year. The grant has had a tremendous impact on our students – both in terms of their achievement motivation and their ability to think critically.

Because I work at a STEM school, all teachers incorporate STEM strategies (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) into all their lessons – but it makes a much greater impact when the students are able to experience the lesson with a hands-on component. That is what the School to School Connection grant did for us – it funded a year’s worth of hands-on engineering activities that students are using to make incredible intuitive connections between the different academic disciplines.  They are learning hands-on how science and technology contribute to art and music, and how everything they do requires critical thinking. These are the skills that employers look for in their new hires – and if our students grasp the importance of them now, just imagine how far they will go by the time they join the work force!

These valuable learning experiences would not have been possible without the funding from the T2T/S2S Connection grants, and I cannot stress enough the impact this grant has had on our students." ~ Bethune Academy Developer

(7 Adapters were awarded grants to replicate this Play Well With Others Developer grant.)

Developer Grant Recipients Announced!

Congratulations to our 2017 -2018 Developer Grant Recipients! Click here to view the recipient list.

2017-2018 Developer Grant Recipients

Congratulations to our 2016 -2017 Adapter Grant Recipients! Click here to view the recipient list.

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Grant Applications

Developer Applications are are due March 2, 2018.

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Adapter Grants are currently closed.

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